Would you like to offer Australia's most popular instrumental music to your customers?

Without doubt, Tony O'Connor CDs have sold and continue to sell more than any other New Age/Instrumental artist in Australia, reaching over 3.5 million this year.

And people still come into stores and ask for Tony's music by name.

Would you like to sell Tony's music in your store?
Would you like to become a Tony O'Connor Boutique Music retailer?

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We have been successfully supplying retailers all over Australia for nearly twenty years. How do we keep doing this, and why does Tony's music continue to sell so well? There are a few reasons...

1. Each of Tony's albums is created with great care. Tony has never produced or output a CD simply to suit a market demand or to self promote. He truly believes that the listener is the most important part of his writing process.

2. We don't force Tony's music onto anyone, including retailers. We don't have a rep hounding or seducing you for monthly orders. We know that there is a demand for Tony's music, and we know that his listeners will find his CDs... in your store.

3. There are relatively few albums in this genre that are directly associated or recongnised for the artists' name. Tony's listeners and fans buy his music because they connect with the music and the man. The TOC brand name is very strong.

4. We pride ourselves on our prompt and personal attention to every detail - and we would be happy to discuss with you any special requirements for your store or centre.

5. Tony's website attracts tens of thousands visitors each month. Your store or centre will be listed on the website, so that we can refer customers directly to you.

6. We will be utilising our network of retailers around the country for Tony's upcoming live concerts.

If you are interested in retailing Tony's music in your store or centre, please contact us here!