For more than sixteen years, Tony O’Connor’s music has touched the hearts and spirits of millions of listeners. This unique Australian artist’s melodies can be heard every day in health care centres, clinics, massage rooms and hospitals right around the country.

Therapists in many diverse fields often talk about a certain “breathing quality” in Tony’s work, a quality that induces a relaxed and calming response in listeners of all ages.

This comes from Tony’s experience working with psychologists and diversional therapists, masseurs and natural care practitioners. Over time Tony has developed a very special blend of instrumental music that not only uplifts the spirit - it is in fact clinically proven to have a beneficial effect on listeners, both emotionally as well as physiologically.

That’s why so many therapists use Tony’s CDs every day in their practices.

It is also why albums like Mariner, Rainforest Magic and Uluru continue to be the most requested and cherished albums in this field - anywhere in the world.

You have more than likely heard Tony’s music and perhaps you already make use of his amazing soundscapes in your work.

We’d like to present to you a Limited Time Offer - a chance to purchase a collection of CDs for your practice at a very special price and experience more of the maestro’s magic.

This discount pricing also suggests the opportunity to share or on-sell Tony’s CDs easily with your clients. You create a very special state of being for your patients and response shows that many people can rekindle that feeling when they are at home, through playing the music. This can also help in preparing for their next session with you.

So at the end of a session, why not offer the chance to take a Tony O’Connor CD home with them?

Please contact us (see below) for pricing details.

We trust that Tony’s music will continue to be part of the work that you do!

For pricing and delivery details on our Special Therapists Offer, please contact: