Specialised Projects/Corporate Gifts

There are many corporate styled gifts available to share with your clients and enhance customer loyalty. However most of these are usually ornamental and the novelty short lived. Flowers and a bottle of champagne don't last long.

Music, on the other hand, presents the receiver with a proven gift that is long lasting - especially when it features Tony O'Connor instrumental music, which listeners will enjoy for many years to come.

So, when you are planning a special incentive for your cliental, consider the Gift of Music!

We compile a CD specially suited to your company and philosophy. We design all the artwork, based on your requirements, and present you with a "one off" unique gift that your customers - or prospective customers - will cherish long into the future.

Check out some examples of very succcessful projects that we have produced - and contact us anytime to discuss your requirements!

Specialised Projects Examples :

Hotel Bora Bora

Montville Getaways

Patient Care


Rejuvanation Xpress